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Mircea Cărtărescu, the wizard writer with a blinding smile

Photo credit: Cristian Gafițescu Mircea Cărtărescu was, for almost two hours, David Blaine. Like a skilled magician, he managed to turn a sluggish audience consisting of high-school students into a room full of

100 bottled poets

Elena Vlădăreanu is invaded by ladybugs while writing poetry. Emil Brumaru focuses on what he has always loved best – a woman. Unfortunately, this time it's only a woman cut out of red paper. Ionel

Care Santos: “Emotion is very important for me. I can forgive anything about a novel, except it leaving me unmoved”

Cătălina Dobroviceanu Photo credit: Ciprian Coldovan The "Caudella" Auditorium in the Balş House was not enough yesterday at 12.00h, when the Alecart meeting was due to start, hosting the writers Care Santos and

Those who write amidst robots and empty cigarette packs

Ioan Stoleru Photo credit: Claudiu Bârliba Georgi Gospodinov, Dumitru Crudu and Matei Florian, three writers from the ex-Soviet space, as the moderator, Bogdan Creţu, pointed out, sat around the same table yesterday during

Herta Muller: “Cursing in German is not as enjoyable as cursing in Romanian, because the vocabulary won’t help you”

Răzvan Chiruţă "I have always felt insecure about language," stated Herta Muller, the writer who received in 2009 the Nobel Prize for Literature, at the press conference organised yesterday on the occasion of her participation

German media praises FILIT again

The Iași International Festival for Literature and Translation (FILIT) continues to receive praise in the international media, more than six months after its first edition (23-27 October 2013) has ended. In the prestigious German weekly




I’ve had a wonderful time so far at the festival. I’ve had a very big audience yesterday evening and a very enthusiastic audience and it’s the audience that makes the event I think. If you see them interested and if they’re enjoying themselves, then you project better. So it was a very happy evening. 
David Lodge
The festival is of the highest level, in my opinion. It is an event not just of our national cultural scene, but, as far as I can see, this is one of the largest if not the largest such festival in the East of Europe. It’s a great success.
Mircea Cărtărescu
I’m glad to be here, in the capital of our Moldavia. FILIT is a large-scale event, there are very many writers here, and I am here with my friend, a great American poet, Edward Hirsch, and both of us are enjoying your hospitality.
Norman Manea
I’m impressed this is the only second year of the festival and it seems – if somebody would told me that this festival had been going for ten years or twenty years I wouldn’t be surprised, because it seems to be very well organized.
James Meek
It’s incredibly dynamic and i’ve neve rseen so many people and we don’t have quite so many people in festivals in Britain. You’ve had a NObel prize winner here yesterday, it’s amazing, it’s great.
Patrick McGuinness

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