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Care Santos: “Emotion is very important for me. I can forgive anything about a novel, except it leaving me unmoved”


Cătălina Dobroviceanu Photo credit: Ciprian Coldovan The "Caudella" Auditorium in the Balş House was not enough yesterday at 12.00h, when the Alecart meeting was due to start, hosting the writers Care Santos and Ioana Nicolaie. Aside from the students, the discussion also involved the writer Mircea Cărtărescu, and at the end, the audience

Those who write amidst robots and empty cigarette packs


Ioan Stoleru Photo credit: Claudiu Bârliba Georgi Gospodinov, Dumitru Crudu and Matei Florian, three writers from the ex-Soviet space, as the moderator, Bogdan Creţu, pointed out, sat around the same table yesterday during the "Writers in the centre" event. The authors, coming from Sofia, Chişinău and Bucharest,  talked about how they present the

Guillermo Arriaga has a gallon of ink, which he uses parsimoniously


by Ioan Stoleru Last evening's event was one of the liveliest experiences played out on the stage of the Iaşi National Theatre. A guest of the FILIT evenings, Guillermo Arriaga spoke about literature and film, talked about hunting wild boars using just a knife, reminisced about meeting Quentin Tarantino, told dirty jokes and confessed he

David Lodge on the advantage of being deaf


David Lodge, at the National TheatreFoto credit: Adrian Purice "Nowadays I no longer travel to international conferences such as this one, but I agreed to come to Romania because I'd heard that my books were very popular here and I wanted to find out why," confessed David Lodge, one of the living classics of

The FILIT concerts: a variety of musical genres under the umbrella of the largest literary festival in Romania


Iaşi, 18 September 2014. The International festival of Literature and Translation (FILIT), which will take place between 1 and 5 October, will offer a musical selection perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the event. A symphonic concert presented by the "Moldova" Philharmonic orchestra, the performances of  Alexandrina Hristov and her band, by Maria Răducanu and Maxim Belciug, by