Creator of well-known character Dexter joining FILIT 2017

Creator of well-known character Dexter joining FILIT 2017

Following the announcement of two Nobel Prize laureates attending the Iași International Festival of Literature and Translation (FILIT), we are thrilled to announce new names that will be joining the festival’s fifth edition, between the 4th and the 8th of October 2017.

 Among these renowned guests is Jeff Lindsay (USA), the author of the novel series “Dexter”, upon which the well-known TV series of the same name is based. A nonconformist writer, Lindsay studied theatre, worked as a director and actor, as well as a teacher, singer, songwriter, sports anchor, chef, detective, gardener or navigation instructor. His books have been “New York Times” bestsellers 8 times, having been translated in 43 languages all over the world.

Olga Tokarczuk, internationally acclaimed Polish writer, will also be present in Iași, attending an event alongside Mircea Cărtărescu. At FILIT, the Romanian audience will have the opportunity of meeting British authors Jonathan Coe and Jim Crace, as well as other renowned writers such as: Kari Braenne (Norway), Adriaan Van Dis (Netherlands), Gyorgy Dragoman (Hungary), Nurruddin Farah (Somalia), Vesna Goldsworthy (Serbia/United Kingdom), Leonora Miano (Cameroon/France), Immanuel Mifsud (Malta), Katija Petrovskaja (Ukraine/Germany). More guests’ names are to be announced during the following weeks.

The Iași International Festival of Literature and Translation (FILIT) is the most important literature festival in Eastern Europe, during its 5 days turning the city of Iași into the meeting place of hundreds of guests of international culture: writers, translators, editors, journalists, cultural mangers etc. Throughout the years, FILIT has enjoyed large scale, international appreciation, distinguished publications such as “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” noting how “an event of such proportions and such European culture has never existed in Romania before”.

FILIT is a project funded by the Iași County Council, through the National Museum of Romanian Literature Iași