FILIT book scavenger hunt in Iași

FILIT book scavenger hunt in Iași

The International Festival of Literature and Translation – Iasi – FILIT and the local community of bloggers Social Media Iași organize a chasing of books in Iași municipality in order to prepare for the fifth edition of the festival.

Andreea Ignat, the coordinator of the local community of bloggers Social Media Iași presents the initiative and the arrangements for participating: “When it comes to quality events in Iași, the local bloggers are the first to join, to support and promote these events. Because we care about the community of Iași, and we know that only together we can move things in the right direction. And because we are great book lovers and the job of a blogger does not consist only of writing, but of reading too, we got involved in the fifth edition of FILIT with love and enthusiasm. And because the job of a blogger also means to inspire those who read your texts, we have initiated a scavenger hunt using books of authors coming at FILIT. We ask the community to look for the books hidden by us in the city, to read them and to come with them at FILIT in order to meet the writers. We think that the involving of the bloggers into this festival will bring the project a greater online visibility and a greater inclination to books of the blogger readers.”

You can find hints about where you can find the books written by the authors present at FILIT by following the bloggers enrolled in campaign:

  1. Alexandra Alistar (
  2. Sorina-Georgiana Chirilă (
  3. Andrei Cioată (
  4. Miruna Copoiu (
  5. Elena Druță (
  6. Anamaria Ghiban (
  7. Roxana Ichim (
  8. Alexandra Ignat (
  9. Andreea Ignat (
  10. Bianca Ionel (
  11. Theodora Istrati (
  12. Diana Lupu (
  13. Anda Elena Pintilie (
  14. Dariana Pintilii (
  15. Maria-Elisa Podaru ( 

The International Festival of Literature and Translation – Iasi (FILIT) will gather this year at Iași well known writers from our country and from abroad in the period between 4-8 October, within some events that are open to the public. Between the invitees, there are Svetlana Aleksievici and Gao Xingjian (winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature), Jeff Lindsay, Jim Crace, Jonathan Coe etc., together with dozens of romanian writers and poets, as well as translators from around the world. At the event, there will also participate cultural managers, editors, journalists from the country and from abroad.