FILIT, 6th edition: guests and news

FILIT, 6th edition: guests and news

Iasi, the 3rd of September 2018. Today, the conference for the launch of the 6th edition of the International Festival of Literature and Translation of Iași – FILIT, was held. The organizers announced the news and the names of the guests who will arrive in Iași between the 3rd of October and the 7th of October. Authors, with millions of copies sold worldwide, laureates or nominees of the National Book Award, Man Booker Prize, The Goncourt Prize, the European Union Prize for Literature, the Nordic Literary Council Award, etc. will attend FILIT.

The audience will meet Jonathan Franzen (USA), Jón Kalman Stefánsson (Iceland), Kamila Shamsie (Great Britain), Sylvie Germain (France), IuriAndruhovici (Ukraine), Eduardo Caballero (Spain), EvaldFlisar , Catherine Lovey (Switzerland), Lluis-Anton Baulenas (Spain), GoceSmilevski (Macedonia), Roland Orcsik (Hungary), Sveta Dorosheva (Ukraine / Israel), Lorenzo Silva (Spain), Tomas Zmeskal ), Carl Frode Tiller (Norway), Catherine Gucher (France). They are joined by important Romanian authors such as Gabriela Adameşteanu, Irina Teodorescu, Liliana Lazăr, Carmen Firan, Augustin Cupşa, Dorina Rusu, Ana Maria Caia, Andrei Crăciun, Florina Ilis, Mihai Buzea, Iulian Ciocan, Tudor Ganea, Cristian Fulaş, Alex Tocilescu , Bogdan Raileanu, Adela Greceanu, Adelin Petrişor, Viorel Ilişoi, Eugen Istodor.

In addition to the well-known event structure (the FILIT Evenings, Writers in the Centre – The FILIT House, Poetry House, high school meetings, etc.), the Childhood House and the Fantasy House will be continued as a result of their success of last year, when they were launched. Thus, the audience will meet with the authors Moni Stănilă, Adina Rosetti, Delia Calancia, Simona Antonescu and Alexandra Rusu at the Childhood House. At the Fantasy House the writers Oana Arion, Cristina Nemerovschi, Oliviu Crâznic, Florin Corneliu Pîtea, Daniel Timariu will have events at the Fantasy House.

The House of Poetry will host Andrei Dosa, Florin Partene, Nicoleta Nap, Radu Niţescu, Nichita Danilov, Ioan Es. Pop, Alex Văsieș, Theodor Dună, Andra Rotaru, Benji Horvath, Diana Geacăr, Robert Șerban, Nicolae Coande.

Fot the first time at FILIT, on the 1st of October, a meeting with Éric Vuillard, the Goncourt Prize winner, will be held in partnership with the French Institute.

The translators who will attend FILIT are Ingrid Baltag (Germany), Mauro Barindi (Italy), Olga Bartosiewicz (Poland), Elena Borras (Spain), Florica Courriol (France), Jean-Louis Courriol (France), Inger Johansson (Sweden), Bruno Mazzoni (Italy), Steinar Lone (Norway), Philippe Loubiere (France), Eva Ruth Wemme (Germany).

The guests are joined by journalists, cultural managers, publishers from the country and from abroad, who will take part in round tables, workshops, debates and meetings with the authors from the festival.

Also, at FILIT 2018, will be launched the collection of books “Story Writers”, which will bring to our attention the writers to whom the museums from the network of the National Museum of Romanian Literature of Iași are dedicated: Ion Creangă, Mihai Eminescu, Mihail Sadoveanu, George Topîrceanu, Otilia Cazimir, Vasile Pogor, Nicolae Gane, Constantin Negruzzi, Vasile Alecsandri, Mihai Codreanu and Metropolitan Dosoftei. Thus, 11 contemporary writers accepted the challenge of writing a novel biography, representing the story of each of the 11 writers mentioned above.

The International Festival of Literature and Translation of Iași – FILIT is a project funded by the County Council of Iași through the National Museum of Romanian Literature of Iași. This year’s edition benefits from the patronage of the European Commission.