FILIT is starting. Here is today’s programme

FILIT is starting. Here is today’s programme

Writers, journalists, translators and publishers have already arrived in Iași and are ready for the first day of the International Literature and Translation Festival Iași (FILIT). Hundreds of events for literature aficionados will take place until Sunday, 8th of October. 

Here is Wednesday’s schedule of events: 

9.00-21.00, The Community Centre of Unions
“The Fantasy House”
Marathon screenings of the Lord of the Rings movies (extended versions)
Free entrance
Break: 18.00-19.00
Moderator: Vlad Frînghiu


12.00-14.00, “Vasile Pogor” Museum
Round table: “The Challenges of Translating from Romanian”
Guests: Anita Natascia Bernacchia, Gabriella Koszta, Steinar Lone, Aleš Mustar, Enrique Nogueras, Christian Santacroce
Moderator: Bruno Mazzoni


12.00-14.00, Children’s Palace, Iași
“The Childhood House”
Guest: Ana Alfianu
Moderator: Iustina Croitoru
Coordinator: Professor Ilie Constantin Corneliu


13.30-15.00, National College of Iași
Opportunities for the Beginner Translator”
The meeting of the participants in Ars traducendi contest with translators Florica Ciodaru-Courriol and Jean-Louis Courriol


14.00-16.00, National College of Iași
“The Alecart Meetings”
Guests: Dan Alexe, Katja Petrowskaja
Moderators: Emil Munteanu, Nicoleta Munteanu


14.00-15.30, “Dosoftei” House
The Poetry House”
Guests: Ștefan Ivas, Mugur Grosu
Moderator: Cristian Neagoe


14.00-15.30, FILIT House
Writers in the Centre”
Guests: Simona Antonescu, Florin Chirculescu, Codrin Liviu Cuțitaru
Moderator: Bogdan Crețu


15.00-16.30, “Mihai Ursachi” House of Culture
“The Meetings of the Logos Club”
Guests: Ioan T. Morar, Tatiana Țîbuleac
Moderator: Serinella Zara


16.00-17.00, “Mihail Sadoveanu” Museum
The Opening of the Exhibition: “Tenants of the Towering House in Copou”
Presenters: Lidia Alexe, Sorin Iftimi


16.00-17.30, FILIT House
Writers in the Centre”
Guests: Jan Cornelius, Tudor Ganea, Adrian Georgescu
Moderator: Alex Tocilescu


16.00-17.30, “Dosoftei” House
The Poetry House”
Guests: Tara Skurtu, Răzvan Țupa
Moderator: Cezar Paul-Bădescu


16.00-17.30, The Community Centre of Unions
“The Fantasy House”
Guests: Marian Coman
Moderator: Dan Doboș


18.00-20.00, “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theatre, Grand Auditorium
 “FILIT Evenings”
I. The Festival Welcomes its Guests
II. Meet Jonathan Coe 
Host: Marius Chivu
Presenter: Cătălin Sava