Translators from ten countries join together at FILIT workshops

Translators from ten countries join together at FILIT workshops

In the period between 1st and 10 September 2017, will take place in Iasi the third edition of the programme “FILIT WORKSHOPS for Translators”.  Developed by “The National Museum of the Romanian Literature” Iași and supported by Ipotești Memorial – “Mihai Eminescu“ National Center for Studies, the project facilitates a meeting framework and professional communication for translators from Romanian language into a foreign language.

This year, at Ipotești, the following translators will join together: Ferenc Andre (Romania, Hungarian language), Hristo Boev (Bulgaria), Fanny Chartres (France), Jan Cornelius (Germany), Dennis Czermak (Germany), Andrew K Davidson (USA), Antonio Ferraro (Italy), Tamas Gothar (Romania, Hungarian language), Joanna Kornas-Warwas (Poland), Marja Markic (Croatia), Roberto Merlo (Italy), Monica Moroșanu (Great Britain/Romania), Edith Negulici (Romania, English language), Lora Nenkovska (Bulgaria), Gabriele Racca (Italy), Franziska Ress (Germany), Gabriella Koszta (Hungary/ Romania).

The translators will take part at round tables, conferences, and they shall work either in groups or individually, contributing with strategy proposals for the promoting of the Romanian literature on international markets. Furthermore, within the “FILIT Workshops for translators“ presentations of the Europe Direct Botoșani will be carried out – “The Europe of translations“ and the Public Café. Thursday, on the 7th of September, at 18 o’clock, “Alexandria Bookstore” from Botoșani (Uvertura Mall) will host a meeting with the invited writer Dana Grigorcea (Switzerland) in dialog with the writer and translator Jan Cornelius on his own books published at “Humanitas Publishing House” in 2016.

The programme “FILIT WORKSHOPS for Translators” lines up to other two initiatives of “The National Museum of Romanian Literature” Iași and “The International Festival of Literature and Translation” Iași – FILIT which support the contemporary creation and the international promotion of the cultural heritage: “FILIT Residences for Romanian authors” and “FILIT Residences for foreign translators”. The three programmes form the most extensive system of literary residences from Eastern Europe.

The partners of the third edition of the programme FILIT WORKSHOPS for translators are: The Association “Heritage for Community”, “The French Institute” Iași, Pro Helvetia, Europe Direct Botoșani, Alexandria Bookstore and Uvertura Mall.