A message from the organizers

by MNLR Iași
Dan Lungu

Festival director

A professional and solid festival, with a well-defined character

Dan Lungu
Festival Director

The impact it has had on the cultural world, in the community and, last but not least, in the international media, causes FILIT to be regarded as an already established festival. This does not mean that our tension and responsibility are in any was lessened – on the contrary! A very brief review of the first edition would sound like this: over 200 guests, 100 events, 26,000 visitors, 180 volunteers, countless mentions in the Romanian media, as well as in articles published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, El País, Le Monde and Der Freitag.
This second edition brings a few new elements. First of all, we have developed the translation side of the festival by setting up the FILIT Residencies for translators, together with the “Mihai Eminescu” Memorial Complex in Ipoteşti and the Belvedere Hotel in Vatra Dornei, Lucian Blaga’s former holiday home. It is our way of supporting in a concrete manner the diligent work of the translator, and of making the presence of the festival felt throughout the year, rather than for just five glorious days. Also, given the remarkable success of the poetry night organised for the previous edition, next to Casa FILIT (the “FILIT House”) we’ve built a House for Verse, dedicated to daily readings of poetry and for literary get-togethers. Also, under the gracious pressure of high-schools, and motivated by the enthusiastic response we had from the authors last year, we have increased the number of meetings with high-school students and we have accepted more volunteers. The surprising fact was that, apart from being a celebration of literature, FILIT has actually turned into a social phenomenon among the youth; which, we believe, is a good sign for the community.
At this second edition we are glad to welcome the patronage of the European Commission Representation in Romania, whom we thank for its confidence in us. We are also supported, as before, by our privileged partner, the National Bank of Romania.
We have therefore every reason to say that FILIT is a professional and solid festival, with a well-defined character, enjoying international recognition from its very first edition and placing Iaşi firmly on the cultural map of Europe. The literary past of the city and today’s readers thoroughly deserve this festival.

FILIT is the clearest proof that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE


In 2013, when we announced our intention to organise in Iaşi the largest festival of literature and translation in Eastern Europe, people were at least reserved and at most disbelieving as to the success of the project. Nevertheless, we soldiered on, because we believed with all our heart in the idea that Iaşi can find its place on the map of cultural events with international coverage. I was confident from the very beginning that FILIT would be the flagship project  of the cultural city of Iaşi.

It was a remarkable success, with echoes at local, national and international level. It was a true celebration of literature and of books. FILIT has already made its name in the international media, as prestigious periodicals have devoted ample space to articles concerning the first edition: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , El País, Der Freitag, Le Monde etc.

However, the first edition of FILIT has become a household name not only in the international media, but especially in the hearts of those who came to see it. It was an event that mobilised the entire city…

The International Festival of literature and Translation is living proof of the fact that everything is possible. We must admit, Iaşi has used its cultural potential insufficiently. FILIT has practically pulled the city out of its slumber. The cultural exuberance and effervescence that Iaşi used to be known for, its defining attributes, have become yet again a reality once this Festival was organised…

Work on putting together the second edition no longer started from a belief or a wish, but instead from the expectations of the public, of the consumers of culture and of those who work in the cultural domain. FILIT 2014 is the most eagerly expected cultural event of the city and I’m convinced it will exceed all expectations.

We are glad to have this edition take place under the patronage of the European Commission and in partnership withe the National Bank of Romania, an honourable acknowledgement of the international dimension of FILIT.

I should like to thank the writers Dan Lungu, Lucian Dan Teodorovici and Florin Lăzărescu for having the generosity and the courage to share in this dream from the very beginning, and to congratulate the entire team, as well as those who have helped materialise the second edition of  FILIT. I thank them for their enormous effort and their staunch dedication. I thank all those who have accepted out invitation and will be with us for the five days of the Festival!

I wholeheartedly invite all citizens of Iaşi to take part in as many events as they can at the second edition of the Iaşi International Festival of literature and Translation. It is the most important cultural project of our community, the cultural feast of our city, and I invite them to enjoy it together!