FILIT in the news

by MNLR Iași

2014 Edition


el-pais““…FILIT, in the five days of this second edition – with new names such as Norman Manea, Georgi Gospodinov from Bulgaria, Dumitru Crudu, and with international writers such as David Lodge, Guillermo Arriaga, Edward Hirsch or the Iranian writer Sahar Delijani – has established itself as one of the most important literary meetings in Eastern Europe””


logo“Let us remember this name, then, because we are already preparing for the 2015 edition: FILIT has every chance to become in the coming years a genuine cultural landmark on Europe’s literary and cultural map”.

FILIT en Roumanie “l’ambition de mettre en lumière le travail des traducteurs”


2013 Edition

frankfurter-allgemeine-zeitungIn an extensive article published in the November 23 edition of the prestigious German daily-paper „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ (FAZ), journalist Dirk Schümer states about the Iași International Festival for Literature and Translation (FILIT): „such an event, at this scale, tailored in an European fashion, has never existed in Romania before“.

„The international atmosphere was felt in Iasi thanks to the numerous cultural managers, festival directors and translators of Romanian literature. The people either cramped in a cold-night open-air café to attend a book launch, or watched, with the hundreds, the poets in a night of poetry. Not accidentally, the name of the festival also mentions the translator, because the Romanians found in the margin-area of European interest know exactly that only through a systematic mediation can they forward to the center of public-attention. Dan Lungu, that leads the Literature Museum in the city, founded a publishing house of the institution and made the Romanian authors accessible abroad, through an anthology in English”, states the German daily.

der-freitagIn the prestigious German weekly “Der Freitag”, Markus Bauer describes FILIT as “an international event as neither the city (Iași), nor Romania has ever seen before.”  The author believes that Romanian literature can have a better reception chance in Germany thanks to the full-of-life cultural scene in Romania, numerous valuable authors and thanks to the the FILIT project.

“(…) in the cultural city lying at the border with the Republic of Moldavia, at the end of October 2013, the inexhaustible writer Dan Lungu, ex-leader of the Club 8 movement, founded  FILIT, the first festival of literature and translation in Romania, an international event as neither the city, nor the country has ever seen.

(…)“Lungu’s plans related to FILIT matches those of the city to candidate for the European Cultural Capital title”, shows Markus Bauer in the German weekly „Der Freitag”.

el-pais„FILIT is already, at its first edition, the most important literary festival in Eastern Europe and for the next year, it aspires to the consolidation of its transnational dimension”

Ignacio Vidal-Folch in „El Pais“

The quoted articles are from a consistent series of positive reflections of the festival in foreign mass media.

References about the festival were published in the press of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and the Nederlands.